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Professional History

Skills & Expertise

Creative media professional with expertise in all all aspects of video production and production management, from ideation to content creation, broadcast and publication. Proven experience creating social media content for high-profile online networks, including CBSinteractive,, Facebook, Instagram, Oculus, and Amazon Prime. Experience collaborating with stakeholders to produce dynamic and engaging content that accomplishes brand messaging and objectives.  Extensive storytelling capabilities, creative know-how, and technical chops.


  • Digital Content Creation

  • Creative Production Process

  • Strategic Planning / Troubleshooting

  • Media Management

  • Branding and Promotion

  • Cross-Functional Collaboration

  • Codec Fluency

  • Analytical / Research Skills

  • Storytelling

  • Task Prioritization / Organization

  • Multi-tasking / Detail-oriented

  • Broadcast Quality Standards

Gravity Media, Menlo Park, CA   
Senior Producer Editor @ FACEBOOK

  • Providing editorial solutions for Facebook Video Productions, a global video production team who specialize in creating and supporting high quality video content for Facebook and its subsidiaries including branded social content for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus.

  • Collaborating with stakeholders, cross-functionally across multiple departments, in order to provide excellent video content, utilizing professional standards and creative problem solving in order to create broadcast quality work.

  • Executing deliverables within desired deadlines and formatting specifications with strict adherence to stakeholder needs, creative sensibilities, and project guidelines including story development from conception to completion.

  • Managing multiple projects of varying degree in scope on an ongoing basis, all-the-while maintaining media management discipline, organization, and pipeline optimization.

  • Encouraging communication among team members and stakeholders in order to understand project goals, content messaging, and technical requirements to ensure project objectives are met.

Infinite Mind Media, San Francisco Bay Area, CA  
Executive Producer / Director / Editor

  • Producing Agency level content including documentary films and trailers for projects published to Amazon Prime, broadcast on MTV, as well as social and promotional content for a number of Bay Area Startups and Mid-sized companies.

  • Managing all aspects of story development from conception to completion to secure compliance with client specifications and vision.

  • Directing all creative aspects, distribution, and logistical processes to ensure that the workflow is efficient, cohesive,  and problems are handled expeditiously.

  • Executing research and acquire archival footage to support projects involving broadcast and digital content; complete within budget constraints., San Francisco, CA  
Contract Editor

  • Worked as post-production lead on four distinct projects. A feature documentary, a digital content web series, the TwitchCon end of year video, and a business marketing social video, generating clarity of information to establish a structured story.

  • Implemented stylistic elements into the content for all projects to make them as visually appealing and innovative as possible.

  • Oversaw major editorial decisions in accordance with the creative direction of each project – tonal quality, story layout, and appearance of content.

ArtistWorks, Napa, CA 
Creative Media Producer, Promotional Content

  • Worked with marketing team members to strategically plan and conceptualize advanced promotional videos for the global learning platform, which administers online music lessons to aspiring musicians.

  • Directed interviews of many top-tier music artists in the industry, including Multi-Platinum and Grammy award winners.    

  • Oversaw creative direction and logistical components of promotional video content including the creation of compelling motion graphics and product specific marketing materials.

  • Favorable video marketing content resulted in a significant increase in concurrently enrolled students – went from a few thousand to several hundred thousand.

CBS Interactive, San Francisco, CA  
Contract Segment Producer, Short Form Digital ContentDelray Project

  • Produced high quality segments for GameSpot, a website that specializes in video game reviews, previews, and affiliated information.

  • Directed special event coverage of E3, PAX, and Comic-Con – produced short form web content, celebrity interviews, and relevant video game segments.

  • Executed segments on time, under swift deadlines, in adherence with corporate standards.

  • Managed and developed production of scripts to full package for designated assignments of original programing

  • Developed show formats and templates in order to create consistent looking content and streamlined productions

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